Salvaging home care: An essential conference

Blog Post: 30 August 2017

We’ve beaten the drum long and loud that the future of the care sector must see a much more cohesive approach to meeting the needs of society’s most vulnerable.


Social care cannot survive doing what we’ve always done – we all have a role to play in breaking down and working across boundaries that have been set in stone for decades.


Health and care and their respective leaderships at managerial and political level need to fully engage the challenges.

But despite the strategy groups, promises from Government ministers, the meetings with local authorities and the endless lobbying, change is slow.

And while changes occur there is a need to survive as this complex jigsaw of caring comes together. Sadly there have been casualties – plenty of them – and non more than in home care.

It’s the essential front line that helps reduce burdens on GPs and hospital discharge units and, critically, fulfills many of the UK residents’ choice to be cared for at home.

Under the banner Salvaging Home Care Together, West Midlands Care Association is hosting a conference with workshops on September 7 at Portway Lifestyle Centre, Oldbury.

We’ve put a programme together that will take a look at the key issues health and social care face, integrating these two essential scopes of practice and looking at the case study benefits when they work in harmony.

We can’t promise to solve all the problems facing domiciliary care providers, but we can provide a platform for learning from each other and hopefully sparks for inspiration.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach in care. Generic models don’t easily roll out of offices into people’s homes. And we must not forget that in our planning for future, service users are equal partners in development.

We all suffer from what has been described as ‘change fatigue’: We’re already too busy; I want less workload, not more; if only someone would listen; there’s a better way of doing ‘this’ but I’m powerless to do anything about it; it’s been done before and it doesn’t work – there are plenty of examples.

This conference hopefully will help empower all of us to continue afresh with the process of survival and excellence in caring.

Register now. Don’t miss this opportunity, I look forward to seeing you there.

The conference will be opened by NHS England with representative from UKHCA and other national bodies taking the rostrum.

9.00am            Registration and Coffee

9.30am            Introduction, Scott Christie, Carewatch

9.40am            Working together, Rachel Fox, NHS England

9.55am            Home Care perspective, Amanda Wixon, Chair, Ceretas

10.25am          Care Studies – We need to work together, John Nash

10.45am          Tea and Coffee

11.00am          Workshop1

   How do we integrate with Health?

11.30am          Feedback, questions and thoughts

11.40am          Workshop2

   Ideas on how we can salvage Home Care

11.10am       Feedback, questions and thoughts

12.20pm          Saving Social Care, Neil Eastwood, Sticky People

If you haven't already done so you can register your place here