The Croft - simply 'Outstanding' and a great antidote to the gloom

Blog post 10 August 2017

I have some excellent news that proves good care is still happening and it's right on our doorstep! And it's a timely snub to those who bleat that there should be more excellence in the care sector.

How many times have I heard 'we'd expect to see more outstanding ratings' . . . ? Too many!

Indeed, the CQC pinnacle of praise is rarely found, so how appropriate it is I should be blogging about it.

Last month we saw how the vulnerable were ‘playing Russian roulette’ choosing care. Flashed across our TV screens the Care Quality Commission said drug errors, lack of staff and falls were major problems, after inspecting 24,000 services.

Nursing homes had the worst problems, with a third falling short on safety. Gloom, gloom and more gloom.

The commission added the failings across services for the elderly and disabled were "completely unacceptable".

Chief inspector Andrea Sutcliffe said funding remained an issue for the sector and a "long-term solution" needed to be found but lack of money was "no excuse".

She added: "There is still too much poor care, some providers are failing to improve, and there is even some deterioration."

It was a blow that the care sector could have done without and I responded passionately, stating that the vast majority of care – certainly on my West Midlands patch – was good.

And here's the proof: How utterly delightful it was to find one of our members, The Croft Residential Home, in Finchfield, Wolverhampton, had been rated as ‘outstanding’ in their recent CQC inspection.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. The Croft has been an excellent care home, providing both nursing and personal care, for a long time and either its manager or owner have been to the WMCA events in Wolverhampton focusing on quality in care homes.

The CQC report states: “People received care and support from staff who were knowledgeable and competent in their role.

“Staff had received training to ensure their knowledge was up to date and that they acted in accordance with current best practice. People were asked for their consent before care was provided and where decisions had to be made on people's behalf this was recorded and staff acted in people's best interests.

“People were happy with the food and drink provided and staff were responsive to changes in people's nutritional needs and sought appropriate healthcare advice when required.

“People were supported by staff to maintain their health and staff at the home had established strong working relationships with local healthcare professionals.”

It added: “People and relatives spoke positively about the kind and caring nature of the staff team. People had developed strong affectionate relationships with staff, who proactively promoted their dignity and independence. Staff recognised the importance of involving relatives and friends in the community at The Croft and visitors told us they were made extremely welcome whenever they visited.

“Staff were aware of what was important for each person living at the home and took this into consideration when supporting them, to ensure their independence was promoted and supported.

People told us they were encouraged to make their own decisions about daily life and staff supported them discreetly and with diplomacy where required.”

And the glowing praise goes on and on. It’s a timely reminder to us all that good care is still happening and can be recognised by CQC inspectors.

Well done, all of the staff at The Croft. It’s a real boost to the team at the association and a result that is thoroughly deserved.