The alternative AGM thats guaranteed to grab attention

Blog Post: 25 September 2017

Annual general meetings are an essential for any organisation, but are often greeted with predictable yawns, grumbles and a less than enthusiastic welcome.

Perhaps we should be doing something different which is guaranteed to focus attention.

Specialist housing and care provider, Blackwood Homes and Care, intend to host an AGM games event today (Tuesday) where service users and tenants are urged to partake in powerchair football and basketball.

Extreme, maybe? It’s all in the name of health and wellbeing, but I’d bet a king’s ransom the turnout at the National Sports Training Centre in Largs will draw more than a few delegates.

More than 100 people will take part in the games, the latest in a series of AGM events that has a reputation for alternative approaches to the serious agenda of business.

Since it was founded by Dr. Margaret Blackwood in 1972, Blackwood has been a pioneer in both housing and care, constantly innovating in ways that transform the lives of its clients, helping them to live as independently as possible

 Blackwood’s aim is to do whatever it takes to help people have control over their lives in accommodation that meets their needs. It has an outstanding record of adapting properties from entire renovations to minor adaptations which are incredibly liberating to those involved.

Hmmm . . . Bit too radical I think for the West Midlands Care Association annual meeting.