Worcestershire Care Homes Excellence Partnership

This new and exciting initiative will lead to positive changes in the care home sector in Worcestershire enabling the Communication, Sharing and Celebration of good practice and helping all members of the partnership to contribute to the aim of improving the lives of Care Home residents, their family members and those people caring for them.

Focusing on Care Homes for the Elderly at the moment,the partnership will bring together all those with a stake in ensuring that care in care homes is optimal (Care Homes themselves, the Commissioners, the hospitals, CQC residents and family members ) together with organisations that already provide or may provide support and training e.g. Age UK, Worcester University

The Worcestershire Care Home Excellence Partnership is your opportunity to work together with all those with a stake in Care Homes to develop better working relationships and to improve life for you, your residents and your staff. We want to celebrate good practice as well as helping each other to improve life for service users and staff

Interested in learning more or in developing ideas from the Launch Event in November 2017? Please come along to the next meeting. This will be held on the 2 October 2018 1.30pm-4.30pm in conjunction with the Worcestershire Providers meeting.

Care Home Leaders are welcome to bring along a member of their care team (team leaders or care assistants) but we would ask that you let us know at time of booking for catering purposes

This event is FREE and is open to all Care Homes in Worcestershire.
To book your place click here or book through our Facebook page

For more information or to find out how to become involved fill in this form and we will be in contact as soon as we can